Do you deliver? 
Yes! 5 days a week. We can be flexible with scheduling though if it needs to occur over a weekend. 

Do you Finance? 
Envision Office Solutions will work with you to provide the best buying experience in the industry. For more information on financing please contact our office at 770-998-4899. We accept all major credit cards. 

Do you have things in stock or do I have to special order? 
We do sell items off of our floor if need be, otherwise we can special order with a typical turnaround of 3-4 weeks depending on product availability.

Can I work with existing furniture or can I co-ordinate with existing pieces? 
Yes! If certain pieces are available to match or blend with what you already have we are happy to co-ordinate that for you!


Can I do this in phases as my budget allows? 
Yes, of course. We cater to your needs when it comes to budgeting certain projects. We are here to work for you!

What should I bring to the store when I come in? 
The old advice Measure twice, cut once could be reworked for decorating to Measure twice, buy once. Accurate measurements provide our staff with the size restrictions you may have. Knowing the room size makes the overall search for products easier to pinpoint.

How many manufacturers do you carry? 
Multiple! Please contact an "Envision artist" to customize your needs and find the right manufacturer to fit your budget. 

How long have you been in business? 
Since 1988. 

Do you stand behind your merchandise? 
Yes! Over the past 25 years in business our first goal is to provide quality products and a reasonable price point! If you are not happy with any product we will do our best to accommodate your needs moving forward.

What is a solid wood? 
Solid Wood is often a higher quality and more expensive product than one that has a veneer. it is a wood product that is the same all the way through. Solid wood looks attractive without a veneer to cover it.

What is a veneer? 
A veneer is a thin covering that is applied to the surface of an item to conceal its actual appearance. Veneer is generally more attractive than the object it conceals, and is most often used to improve aesthetic appeal or to improve value of the object. it is mainly used in woodworking, but veneer may also be used in stonework, masonry, and even dentistry.